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Swiss Charities

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Field Information

Field Name Order Type (Format) Description
post_id 1 integer (default) Identifier from Zewo data
post_type 2 string (default) Short string type of organization
post_title 3 string (default) The official name of the organization
post_date_formatted 4 string (default) Date it was added or updated
permalink 5 string (uri) Link to further information
intro_text 6 string (default) A brief summary about the organization


Swiss Charities

This is a list of Swiss charitable organizations in the form of open data. We are crowdsourcing this data, please feel free to contribute to the data/crowd.csv file.

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Zewo data

We are also trying to contact Stiftung Zewo, who has a list of organizations registered with its certification program at

Since this website is under copyright restriction, you can collect this data for personal use only by aggregating the data from the Algolia search API as per the instructions below.

(Whether or not you go through the steps) You can help us petition Zewo for permission to use the data via Twitter or the Community Forum.

  1. Open your developer console (F12 in Firefox), go to the web page above, and scroll down until all the results have been downloaded. In the Network tab filtering for XHR you should see five queries as in the screenshot:

  1. Save the JSON results of each page as a file in the data folder of this repository: p1.json, p2.json, p3.json, .. The files have to start with a lowercase p and the order does not matter.

  2. Run make setup if you have a Linux machine with dnf, or download and install the software listed in the Makefile yourself.

  3. Run make aggregate to transform the data. If there are no errors, you will have a data/data.csv file that is ready to use with this Data Package.


This package is licensed by its maintainers under the Public Domain Dedication and License.

If you intended to use these data in a public or commercial product, please check the data sources themselves for any specific restrictions.

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