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Traffic signs of Hansbeke, Nevele, Belgium

Geospatial dataset of all traffic signs of Hansbeke, Nevele, Belgium. See for more information. — Read more

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Traffic signs of Hansbeke, Belgium


This geospatial dataset contains all traffic signs of Hansbeke, a small village in the municipality of Nevele, Belgium. I recorded these by using Google Street View and walking around.


In my professional life, I standardize and publish datasets created by others, and try to convince them to publish these under an open license. The goal of this project was to collect data myself and do the same.

I am well aware this dataset is completely pointless (I was very bored when I started this), but in the meantime, I learned to use CartoDB, Git, GitHub, and Data Packages. It also involved walking, which is healthy.


This repository is a Data Package. It contains:

  1. traffic-signs-hansbeke.geojson: the data as a geojson file.
  2. datapackage.json: a metadata file describing the dataset, including the license and field definitions.
  3. Additional files.

The dataset was originally created using CartoDB, but is now maintained and versioned on GitHub. An older version of the dataset is still accessible on CartoDB and can be downloaded in additional formats.


The data are released to the public domain under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) (LICENSE).

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