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Australian Open Data Portals

A list of Australia organisations that publish open data and the portal they publish on — Read more

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Field Information

Field Name Order Type (Format) Description
Organisation 1 string (default) The name of an Australia organisation that is publishing open data
URL 2 URL The web address of the organisations open data portal
Organisation type 3 string (default)
Portal 4 string (default) The technology platform that underlies the open data portal, if known
Region 5 string (default) The geographic coverage of the open data portal
Lat 6 number (default)
Lon 7 number (default)



A collection of Australian open data portals published by ODI Queensland.

  • The data is presented using TablePress on the ODI Queensland site.
  • A variation of the data with the policy link removed and location added is held in a Google Sheet.
  • A CSV file has been exported from the Google Sheet and is stored in this respository
  • A JSON Table Schema describes the structure of the data
  • A Data Package, that includes the JSON Table Schema, describes the CSV
  • A competing metadata scheme, CSV on the Web by W3C, also describes the CSV
    • csv-metadata.json is generated using the CSV Metadata Editor from Vienna University and then hand edited to add restrictions
    • australian-open-data-portals.csv-metadata.json is the original hand edited file before the above generator was discovered.

Suggestions, questions and pull requests are welcome either here or via the ODI Queensland web site.

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