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Online Data Package viewer app lets you get a nice human-friendly view of a Data Package in seconds.


Online datapackage.json maker creates the datapackage.json file needed to turn data into a Data Package.


Online validator checks your datapackage.json and Data Package are good to go.

Using Tabular Data Packages With ...

These "Using with" examples require Tabular Data Packages where the data in the Data Package is stored in CSV (all the datasets on this website are in this format)

Using with Excel

For Excel you can just open the CSV file! We're also working on a macro – see this issue for details.

Using with Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheet Import (in progress)

Using with R and R Client

R Open Data Protocols Library with support for Data Packages and Tabular Data Package

Using with Postgresql

There is a python script (with no dependencies) to load a Tabular Data Package Data Package into Postgresql

Using with SQLite

There is a simple python script (no dependencies) to load a Tabular Data Packages into SQLite

Using with MATLAB

There is a MATLAB function to read Tabular Data Packages into MATLAB


datapackage-* (nodejs)

There is a comprehensive set of NodeJS libraries which are "officially" supported.

datapackage (python module)

A module useful for loading and managing data packages in Python. The module is available in PyPI so it can be installed using:

pip install datapackage

The source code is a available under the GPL.

R Library

R Library with support for Data Packages and Tabular Data Packages

MATLAB Library

A function to read data from a Tabular Data Package is available for download from MATLAB Central's File Exchange. To contribute to the library, see the project's GitHub repository.

Ruby Library

Ruby library for parsing and validating both data packages and tabular data packages.

Command Line

Data Package Manager (dpm)

data package manager (dpm) - comprehensive command line tool.

Other Tools

Tabular Data Package Data Validator


Git Data Package Viewer

The ODI's Git Data Viewer can preview Data Packages stored in git repositories. See also the blog post and source code.

JSON Schema Files

The JSON Schemas for Data Protocol Formats project provides schemas for several of the simple data formats published as part of the Data Protocols effort. Those schemas include:

Visit dataprotocols/schemas for more information.

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