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Data Files


Field Information

Field Name Order Type (Format) Description
Concept 1 text
Required for certificate? 2 text Whether the question can be used to automate parts of the Open Data Certificate
Relates to question 3 text The ID of the ODC question the concept refers to 4 text As defined at
DCAT 5 text As defined at
ADMS 6 text As defined at
VoID 7 text As defined at
Datapackages 8 text As defined at


Field Information

Field Name Order Type (Format) Description
Catalogue name 1 text Name of the data catalogue
URI 2 text URI of the catalogue
Vocabulary(s) used 3 text Which vocabularies are used (if any) for metadata
Example resource 4 text
Access method 5 text How the metadata is accessed (i.e. in the header, or via an API)
Notes 6 text


Dataset Metadata Survey

This repo is the result of the ODI tech team's investigations into the different metadata standards in use to describe datasets. It is made up of three parts:

We found that if a datastore uses DCAT, we could potentially match:

  • 6/18 requirements for basic level
  • 5/26 requirements for pilot level
  • 3/24 requirements for standard level
  • 2/16 requirements for exemplar level

However, some questions, such as if a dataset is machine readable or not, can be gleaned from things such as the format of the data.

We also found that very few of datastores we surveyed contained much usable metadata, although, the Beta Ordnance Survey Open Data Linked Data Platform and Open Data Communities have a good chunk of metadata available for analysis.

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